Monday, 22 July 2013

Old Changi Hospital

While visiting the Changi Sailing club last week I walked past the now derelict former Changi Hospital. A lot of history in those walls....

Some amazing footage on the Battle for Singapore from this old documentary

Keppel Harbour

While running along Keppel Harbour on the weekend outside Vivo City I was encouraged to see a new plaque telling the story of the raids on Keppel Harbour by operation Jaywick and also a write up about the evacuation ships including mention of the Vyner Brooke. Very encouraging to see this history being preserved.

BBC Documentary - The Great Betrayal

Came across this interesting documentary on UTube..."This landmark film by Paul Elston tells the incredible story of how it was the British who gave the Japanese the know how to take out Pearl Harbor and capture Singapore in the World War 2. For 19 years before the fall of Singapore in 1942 to the Japanese, British officers were spying for Japan. Worse still, the Japanese had infiltrated the very heart of the British establishment - through a mole who was a peer of the realm known to Churchill himself.This is a very rare documentary on the fall of Singapore in WW2 by BBC Two broadcasted in Northern Ireland only."