Saturday, 16 November 2013

Machine gun pill boxes at Labrador Park

On the waterfront at Labrador Park there are a number of machine gun pill boxes of which the one shown below is most prominent. They served as part of the costal defense strategy and similar pill boxes remain on Sentosa Island as well. A lot of these defenses were manned by the Malayan Volunteers but saw little direct action as the brunt of the invasion came from the North when the Japanese forces invaded Singapore from mainland Malaya.

Kranji Beach battle site

Scenes from the Kranji Beach battle site on the North West of Singapore where the main thrust of the attack on Singapore took place. The photo of the map is from the Kranji War Memorial.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Adam Park Project

The excavation project at Adam Park  continues to receive good media coverage with another quality write up on the Straits Times today. It is a fascinating project and the search is on for eye witness accounts that can bring the research to life. One of Singapore's last battles before the fall.