Saturday, 9 October 2010

Singapore 1942 on Twitter

Firstly thank you for taking time to view this research website and thank you for the many emails letters and contributions that I have received on the topic from around the globe. As of October 2010 this site has had over 18,000 hits so it highlights the interest about this incredible time in history. I apologise to many of you who have sent me emails of which many I am behind in my follow up due to the shear volume of mail that I have received in relation to Singapore Evacuation 1942 and the fact that despite my interest I am very much a part time historian. In order to support communication and collaboration on the topic I have set up a twitter account so as to help facilitate and share information and updates on the the topic of the fall of Singapore. Twitter is a useful medium for short information 'tweets' and for quick sharing with a broader group of 'followers' and in this regards I encourage you to take a look at the site and if interested in receiving updates then become a 'follower'. Hopefully this will help speed up the sharing of information. Thank you ....@singapore1942

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