Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Amazing story related to the HMS Kuala sinking off Pompong Island

I came across this amazing story about HMS Kuala sinking survivor Patsy Li that was published in the Australian Hobart Mercury newspaper after the war. By clinging to a suitcase at the time of the sinking the child Patsy Li was separated from her mother and was eventually found some 4000 miles from where the sinking occurred some years later. It appears to be a an incredible story related to the sinking off Pompong Island and if any one can help add any further to this story I would be keen to hear from you. If the full article can not be read from this page contact me and I can send you a copy via email.

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9/25/2016 hello, yes I would like to read the article about Patsy Li.
thanks. Glen Pierce in New Jersey USA at gpierce9@comcast.net