Sunday, 20 March 2011

Singapore - The Inexcusable Betrayal by George Chippington

I have just finished reading this self published book by George Chippington that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was also fascinated to read that the book tells the story of the last stand before the fall of Singapore where George Chippington and his troops took up positions in the bungalows in the vicinity to the old Singapore Harbor Board house where I currently live in Singapore. This added some interesting history to the area that has been vividly captured in this eye eyewitness account.

Published in 1992 the book is based on Chippington's diary where from Dec 41 he took part in close combat against the invading Japanese forces from the Thai border to the streets of Singapore. As per the title of the book the author continously expresses his anger in frustration throughout the campaign of the poor leadership and the folly of the war they were expected to fight with inferior equipment and without the support of tanks or a functioning air force while the Japanese air force bombed at will and dominated the skies over Malaya. A thoroughly good read.


Andrew said...

Hello, did you get your book in Singapore? :)

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