Saturday, 30 March 2013

Reginald L Nunn

Philip Nunn writes
It is only in the last few weeks that I have been tracing my family history and discovered that my Grandfather's cousin Reginald L Nunn and his wife Gertrude were lost on the SS Roosaboom in 1942. It is essential and indeed encouraging and that these facts are recorded and not forgotten about.
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Jonathan said...

Reginald Nunn was a prominent, well known British Malayan and you will find plenty of mentions of him in the searchable Straits Times historical archive. I have his career details in the 1938 Malayan Civil List. E mail me on if you want a copy of his page.
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Michael Pether said...

Hello Philip,

You are correct - they had a most dramatic escape from Singapore with other members of the Malayan PWD on the "SS. Kuala" and then across to Sumatra before reaching Padang and embarking on the "SS. Rooseboom".

if you are interested email me on and i can let you have the stories of each of those ships and their last voyages on which the Nunns were passengers.

They had a tough time in their escape before their untimely deaths.