Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Research on Arthur John Jones RAF

Christine Fisher writes..."I have just come across your blog regarding "Research on Arthur John Jones RAF - can anyone help?"

My father servied in the RAF as a leading aircraft man in Singapore from 1941 to 1942 when he sailed from Singapore days before the fall. He sailed to Sumatra / Java then on to India to Ambala. He was in 100sqd, the 36sqd then No 4 AACU at RAF Tengah.

He mentioned being in  convoy of 3 ships, the ship in front of the convoy was sunk, as was the one at the back, my fathers ship was originally intended to sail to Australia, but the Captain turned it around and headed for India.

Could it be possible they served at the same base, sailed out on the same ships?

His name was Harry Pollitt

Happy to share what details I have if you can give any more details.

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Michael Pether said...

Hello Christine, This is an area of historical research upon which I have spent a lot of time for family reasons - was your father on the "SS. Palelah" or "SS. Seeberg" from Padang?

I have been trying to resolve some mysteries on what happened to the ships which were sailing in the vicinity of these two ships mentioned above which were on their way way to Tjilitjap in Java and then Freemantle but then ( at least the "SS> Palelah" ) turned around and headed for Ceylon after submarine warnings.

If you are able to share anything more about your father's voyage please email me on mncpether@xtra.co.nz.


Michael Pether
New Zealand.