Sunday, 6 October 2013

Felix Roussel

Tricia Gosling your site with much interest re the evacuations from Singapore.   I'd like to see my mother's and my names added to the list of passengers on the FELIX ROUSSEL,  8th Feb?  My mothers name was Hetty Giles (aged 19), my name is Patricia Giles (now Gosling).  I was 3 months at the time.   My father did not survive internment.

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Charley Chan said...

The Free French MV Felix Roussel entered Keppel Harbour the morning of 5 February 1942 after the loss of the Empress of Asia. It was bombed and strafed with the 9th Northumberland Fusiliers on board. I age 7 and my family boarded the ship at 5 p.m. 6 February 1942 and departed in darkness. The Japanese Imperial Guards landed at midnight the same evening. The following morning 17 Mitsubishi Betty bombers bombed the ship at Banka Straits and missed. A dark and blue camouflage warship and the MV 'Devonshire' accompanied us. After this, we sailed through the Sunda Straits at night with its search lights seeking out the darkness. By the next morning, there were no sign of the other ships. We saw landfall at Bombay after an uneventful journey across the Bay of Bengal.