Saturday, 3 February 2007

HK Rodgers – Chairman Harbour Boards, Straits Settlements

HK Rodgers was the Chairman, Harbour Boards, Straits Settlements based in Singapore who escaped on the "TENGARROH" (There are several different spelling versions of this ship but I believe this spelling is the correct one) on the 14th of February at 1.30 am under heavy shelling. He survived the evacuation and ended up in Fremantle, Western Australia

I am keen to know more about HK Rodgers including his tenure in Singapore, where he lived (Cliff House on Bukit Chermin Rd?) and hopefully track down a photo of him for my research. I was kindly provided with the following information being complied for a 1941 "who's who of Singapore":

RODGERS H.K.[Henry Knight] AMICE b.1900 Glasgow. Educated Sir Joseph Williamson’s School and Royal Naval College, Greenwich. Singapore Harbour Board Chairman 1937-42. Evacuated 14.2.42 on Tengarah. Left Tjilitjap on the coastal steamer Khoen Hoea 26.2.42; arrived Fremantle WA 9.3.42.

Other details include:

1923 Assistant Manager, Messrs Clover, Clayton & Co Ltd, Birkenhead.

1924-1927 Assistant General Manager, Messrs William Beardmore & Co.Ltd

1928-1931 General Manager, the Shalimar Works Ltd, Calcutta

1932-1933 Technical Advisor, Messrs Alcock Ashdown & Co. Bombay

1934 Assistant to Chairman, Singapore Harbour Board

1935 Assistant General Manager, Singapore Harbour Board

Clubs: Royal Societies
Recreations: Cricket, Tennis

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