Saturday, 3 February 2007

HK Rodgers & Cliff House

I am looking to establish where HK Rodgers, Chairman Harbour Board, Straits Settlements lived before his escape from Singapore in February 1942.

I believe that he may have lived at “Cliff House”on Bukit Chermin Road which is located in walking distance from Keppel Harbour and where some other housing that were originally occupied by senior staff from the Harbour Board still stand today.

Cliff House apparently burnt down or was demolished in the mid 1960s but the site shows that it would have had a very prominent view of the Harbour and as it was actually listed in a 1913 town map of Singapore it would no doubt have been a very prominent house at the time.

Does anyone have any information concerning the history of Cliff House and can confirm that HK Rodgers did in fact live there before the evacuation? The 1938 Malaya Who's Who only gives his address as Bukit Berlayer, Singapore.


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Bill Turner said...

My grandfather's memoirs state:
***Later in 1918 our house was sold and our passages booked for U.K. Shipping was short as a result of the war and we had to wait some months for a passage. These months were spent at Cliff House, Tanjong Paggar, with a Mr. Robinson of the Singapore Harbour Board. His wife had returned to England and it was a big house so Mummy kept house and we moved in.***
I'm guessing he mixed up Robinson and Rodgers, but it sounds like the head of the Singapore Harbour Board stayed at Cliff House with him and his parents.