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Comments questions and feedback on Singapore 1942

Hi Alan, My grandmother, Mrs Annie Clark, was also on the "Plancius' from Batavia to Colombo - you probably slept on a straw mattress down in the holds like many people on that voyage . One of the little ships which left Singapore and managed to reach batavia during that last week before the Surrender was the "HMS Scott Harley' the story of which is on the COFEPOW website under Annie Clark's name as well as the ships name. I would be interested in the names of all your family since I am compiling a pssenger list for the ship. on Royal Navy Floating dock Singapore

Hi - I've just found your site while trying to find out why Holy Trinity Church Seaton Carew, in Hartlepool in the north east of England, has a bookcase containing our memorial book, with the following inscription: To the glory of God a thank offering for a great deliverance s.s. “Empire Star” 12th February 1942. I am organising a church history exhibition as part of our 180th birthday celebrations and a fundraising appeal to restore our stonework. I'd be grateful for any further information that might indicate any links - are there any lists of survivors which might lead me to a link with a Seaton family? regards Julie Cordiner on Black Friday - 13th of February 1942

Hi, Does anyone have information on a family called Yeomans who left Singapore in 1941 or 1942. The mother Minnie probably got off the ship in Colombo while the children Irene, Enid, Phyllis and May continued onto Durban. The father Samuel Cecil Yeomans was imprisoned in Changi then Sime Road. He then took a ship to Durban. Thank you. onCivilian Evacuation list

I am searching for information on my mother's family. I am looking for anyone who could help me find any information on my great grandmother Minnie Yeomans and her children Irene, May, Phyllis and Enid who were put on a ship by my great grandfather Samuel Cecil Yeomans in 1941. The ship went to Ceylon first where I believe Minnie disembarked as she is listed as being in an evacuee camp in Colombo while the rest of the family went onto Durban. I know that my mother, her sisters, her mother and step father left Singapore on the Nestor. Samuel Cecil Yeomans was imprisoned in Changi then in Sime Road. After the war he moved to Durban but I have no information on which ship he took. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can learn more? Many thanks, Nikki on Maurice O'Connell from Ireland writes

Fascinating to hear about Jim Hutton, and of particular interest to me as I grew up at 160 Mount Pleasant Road during the 1960s and 1970s. The contrast between Jim Hutton's tranquil existence at Mount Pleasant Road and his subsequent experiences during the war could not have been greater. No 160 was damaged during the war and was subsequently divided into two residences. However, it's now one house again and looking very grand. I know that Australian POWs were living on Mount Pleasant Road for a time repairing the damage to various houses there (as well as finding the time to set up a secret radio in one of the buildings). Anyway,loved the blogspot - many thanks for setting this up. on Jim Hutton PWD on the Kuala

Hello, I have been investigating my girlfriend's family history for her, and they were involved in the evacuation. Adolphe Flinter (a diamond merchant in Singapore) left with his daughter Margaret on the 2nd of February 1942. I have no ship name. His wife Elizabeth left with their younger daughter Eva earlier, arriving in Fremantle, Australia on the 26th of January (again no ship name as I have no access to the detailed records) They also had two sons, Jack and Edward, who we think had been sent to boarding school in the UK some time before. Adolphe also had a brother, Moritz, who with his wife Lucy were aboard the 'Kuala' when it was sunk. Lucy was one of those who was killed in the first wave of bombing, but Moritz managed to escape to Pom Pong Island. He eventually made it to the UK on the ship 'Orantes', returning to Singapore in 1946 to resume his diamond business. on Civilian Evacuation list

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