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Recent comments questions & postings on Singapore 1942

Am posting in the event anyone can help or I can help facilitate direct connections.....

I am trying to locate evacuation lists. I do not know name of boat the families I know left in 1942 were the Jones and scott families. Does anyone know of a list that includes these names? The ship they were on was headed for India or Ceylon. on Civilian Evacuation list

Sarah Dyne is your father still alive, as my mother was also on the Mata Hari and was interned in Palembang/Muntok and Lubecklingue (spelling). She's presently trying to find other survivors of the Mata Hari and the camps mentioned above, please feel free to contact me at regards Vincent on What finally happened to the "Mata Hari"?

Dear Sir, I wonder if you would be able to help me, my mother was a Civilian Internee of the Japanese in various camps in Sumatra, one such camp was Bangka, as my mother approaches her twilight years she has shown an interest in trying to contact fellow internees of the camps she was held in and as such I am trying to find out sources who may be able to help me assist her in this, With this in mind I would be grateful if you know of any way I might be able to contact or put my mother in contact with her long lost childhood friends she made in the camps. My mother will shortly be providing me with a list of the camps she was interned in, which i am more than happy to provide you with if this will help in anyway. The brief details I have at the moment are : My mother name at the time of internment : Jane Reid She was interned with her mother, grandmother and 3 siblings, Dirk, Roy and Erica Reid, sadly her grandmother died in the camps, they were originally captured after the ship on Civilian Evacuation list

Hi! My grandmother and dad (Mrs. Maurice (Viola) Bellemans and Paul Bellemans, age 5) left Singapore in 1942, arriving in San Francisco around April 1942. My grandfather was a Naval officer. The Oakland Tribune (April 22, 1942) says they came by way of Singapore, Java, Australia and New Zealand. I don't have the ship name but remember a picture from the deck where the life ring said Kobehaven... which I always thought meant it was a Dutch boat. I didn't see anything in your list on that. Anything you can share would be appreciated. on Civilian Evacuation list

I also have to thank Captain Carston for saving the lives of my Grandmother and father (who was 9 years old at the time) by his actions. We still have a letter that he sent to my grandmother in 1945. He clearly had a terrible decision to make re surrender and the letter shows he was a very great man. He wrote to all the survivors of the ship after the war - what a lovely repsonsible man he must have been - I would be happy to share the letter if anyone would like to see it. My father and his mother were interned on Bangka Island during the war and my Grandfather in Changi. They were very lucky that the Mata Hari was not bombed- my father remembers being ordered below decks on the Mata Hari. He said it was stiflinghot and terrifying as they could here gun fire all around from beneath the decks. On the way down below he saw a motor boat (there were several smaller boats accompanying the Mata Hari) bombed and completely destroyed by a Japanee airplane. on What finally happened to the "Mata Hari"?

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