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My name is Wee Choong Seng. I am one of the passeger onboard the USS West Point 2gether with my father Wee Yong Thye and my mother Lim Swan Eng. My father worked in the Naval Base in the Battery Shed for charging submarine batteries. When the base got bombed, we were evacuated in Feb 1942. Is there a pax list to show our names during the evacuation? I was just more than a year old back then. Thanks on Civilian Evacuation list

Any hope that you may have a photo of the SS Tanjong Penang, who my Gramdmother was on as a Nurse -it was torpedoed I understand and all hands lost. Including Margeurite Collett. on Research regarding the Singapore evacuation ships of 1

Hello. Does anyone know where I can find the passenger list for the USS WESTPOINT leaving Singapore in January 1942. Many thanks. Nic on Civilian Evacuation list

Could you please put me in contact wiht Michael Pether with regard to civilan evacuation lists. My relatives are Mrs Edna Jackman and Charles Jackman age 5. I am led to believe they were on last boat from Singapore Feb 1942. Also my great uncle Major Charles Jackman was captured in Singapore and was prisoner of war in Burma on the Rail Road and survived. on Civilian Evacuation list

I'm curious if you know anything of the British family by the name of King from Taiping? I heard they were evacuated prior to the war and then returned after the war. Any information about this family would be much appreciated. on The Malayan Volunteers Group

My great grandfather, Lt Albert Charles Carston, was the commanding officer of the MATA HARI and surrendered the vessel to the Japanese in 1942 just as your post states. From our records and other records we have found on the internet, he was sent first to Muntok, Banka Island to repair an airfield. In his post war report, he stated that he was returned to the Mata Hari on 20 Sept 42 to 23 Sept 42 for passage to Japan before being transferred to a Japanese vessel on 24 Sept. He stated that the First Lieutenant, the engineer corps and a few others had been forced to remain on board after the ships capture. The ship participated in the capture of Rengat and had carreid troops to Borneo. Once in Japan, Captain Carston was interred in a series of POW camps until he was liberated from the Hiroshima camp in September 1945. It seems that the fate of the Mata Hari after September 1942 is unclear. Great post! on What finally happened to the "Mata Hari"?

The passenger list for the Narkunda can be found online in the Australian archives on Civilian Evacuation lis

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